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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4! We are located in the centre of the school and also have the oldest children in school our year 5 children. As well as the year 5 children we also have half of the year 4 children with the other half being in Class 3. Within the room there is a whole range of resources for the children to access to support them in their learning whether that be: Maths, English, Reading or Topic.

Our oldest children are responsible for many different roles in school. These include: house captain, prefect, sports leaders and many other areas of leadership to ensure that the school runs smoothly on a daily basis.

Please check back regularly to see updates about the exciting things we have been learning.

Mr Aaron McDonagh 

Summer Term 17-18


Our new topic is 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'. Visit our page regularly to explore our learning, it will be centered around the World Cup that is taking place in Russia.

We really enjoyed our annual Bellboating day on the River Avon. We developed our teamwork and togetherness and thought carefully about the attributes that make an excellent TEAM. The added bonus was the weather and spotting the array of wildlife! It was an exhausting but exciting day. We look forward to participating in the regatta later on this term.

Have you ever wanted to see the digestive system at work? In Class 4, we have! We enjoyed learning about the digestive system in our Super Start. Our topic is based around the world cup and our learning will include nutrition for an elite athlete. But first, we needed to learn about how our body processes food.

There are 32 countries participating in this years World Cup. We have researched which teams are involved and where they are located. We were interested to see the location of the teams that have qualified, after we placed them on a world map. It was fascinating to discover new countries in different parts of the world. Have a go at locating countries in world, by clicking the link.


Can you locate the countries?

Spring Term 17-18


We really enjoyed our topic day, especially our visiting pharaoh! We explored the discovery of the tomb inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Howard Carter and his team made the amazing discovery in 1922. After that, we enjoyed a drama workshop and thinking about the importance of many things to how Egyptians lived.

What is in that jar? We have enjoyed learning about the importance of Canopic jars to Ancient Egyptians and why they were used. After learning about all the interesting ways to store the organs, we deigned and made our own jar in the style of a God.

As part of out Sports Premium money we currently have a dance teacher who is delivering teaching key stage 2 for one of their PE lessons. The learning is linked to Ancient Egypt and we will be exploring many of the Egyptian cultures and symbols through dance. Look at us in action!

We have really enjoyed starting our new topic! We have started to discover there is lots of things to discover in Ancient Egypt! As our super start, we have created a mini sarcophagus (these were used after someone was mummified) and Cartouches (name tags) that were placed on the burial coffins to identify them. 

Autumn Term 17-18

Enterprise Week

We are currently working hard behind the scenes during enterprise week to create our product. We are researching, planning, testing and creating our product ready to sell after half term. Look at us in action below!

Click on the image to look at some of our learning...