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Open the Book


Every other week members of our local church lead our collective worship called 'Open the Book'.  A team of volunteers dress up and act out Bible stories for the children. The church help us learn new worship songs and teach us actions. Afterwards the children write their own personal reflection about the story/ message they have heard.

In the beginning... 14th September 2016

The wonderful open the book team acted out the story from the book of Genesis telling us how God created the world. 

A Sad Day... 28th September 2016 

The continuation of the story of Adam and Eve and how they didn't listen to God.  Our children went back to class to reflect on the story and think about listening to God and people that help us.

A special present...12th October 2016

Today, we listened to the story of Noah and the ark.  We learnt about how Noah and his family were saved because he listened to God.  He also took 2 animals of every kind onto the ark.

God's friend... 2nd November 2016

Our story from the open the book team today made us think all about trusting God.  This is such an important thing to do and links perfectly with our school spirituality value of trust.  Abraham and Sarah trusted God and their wishes came true.

God's good idea...16th November 2016

Today we learnt about Samuel.  God spoke to Samuel while he was sleeping.  He was a servant boy.  Samuel was confused at first, but soon realised he needed to listen to God.  God told him messages to pass onto people about the way of God.

It is such a wonderful story and shows that God speaks to everybody; rich, poor, old or young.  He will always be there for you no matter what.  God chose to speak to Samuel at that time even though he was a small child.

Thank you to the team and some brilliant acting from Will.

The Walls of Jericho...30th November 2016 

Today we learnt about Joshua and his army walking around the walls of Jericho for seven days.  The story taught us to trust God and never give up on him because God can help us in everything we do.

Christmas Journeys...Wednesday 14th December 2016

Today was the culmination of our learning about the Christmas story.  We sat and learnt about the journeys Mary and Joseph made, the shepherds took and of the wise men following the star.  We found out the importance of the birth of the little boy, who was to become the saviour of all people.  

May we take this opportunity to thank the whole of the open the book team and our village church community for all they do for the children and staff at our school.  Merry Christmas to one and all!

The Greedy Farmer...Wednesday 11th January 2017

I don't want to be greedy like the greedy farmer.  I like to share...  In class after worship we talked about sharing our gifts, love, time, friendships and lots of other things.  In the story from the bible we learnt about a farmer that was so greedy he wouldn't share odd grains with a poor family and leftover grain with the crows.  He hoarded all of his crops and profits for himself.  His servants worked so hard for him for nothing.  Sadly. the greedy farmer died alone and without seeing the benefits of his crops and money.  We talked about being kind and sharing of all our things, being kind just like Jesus was.

The Unforgiving Servant...Wednesday 25th January 2017

Today we learnt a lot about forgiveness and saying sorry.  We listened in on a story that Jesus told to Peter.  Jesus told Peter about a king who had many servants.  One servant was brought to the king as he had a very big debt to pay to the king.  The servant couldn't pay the king back and begged for forgiveness.  Eventually, the king agreed and let the servant go without having to pay.

A few days later, the same servant didn't show the same forgiveness to another servant who owed him a couple of coins.  He couldn't pay him, but the first servant didn't show the same kindness and threw him into jail.  In his palace the king heard of what the servant had done to the other servant.  He was furious.  He ordered for the servant to be brought to him.  He was so cross with him that he sent him to prison.  He couldn't believe what had happened after he had shown such kindness and forgiveness to him.

Jesus reminded Peter that we must learn to say sorry and we must shown forgiveness to those that have wronged us.

In class we talked about the story and thought about times when we have had to say sorry, but also times when we have had to forgive someone.

Everyone gets the same...Wednesday 8th February 2017
The Widow's Coins...Wednesday 1st March 2017

Jesus sacrificed his life to take the sins of the world away.  The widow in the story gave all she had however little it was. 

They didn’t show off and did what they could.

We also saw many rich and wealthy people giving lots of money to the temple.  We saw how boastful they were when doing it.  Jesus asked his followers who gave the most and they all the said the wealthy man with lots of money, but her told them to watch again.  As they did an old widow came and gave 2 small coins.  She said that this was all she had in the world as her husband had just died. Jesus asked his followers again, they realised that this woman gave so much more than the others.

Reflect on the story from the bible and think about what could you give for this special, thoughtful time of Lent?

An Important Meal...Wednesday 15th March 2017
A Happy Day...Wednesday 29th March 2017
On the road to Emmaus...Wednesday 10th May 2017

Two men were taking the long walk to Emmaus.  They talked all the way.  The men were talking about Jesus and what had happened to him.  During the walk the men met a stranger, who walked with them, and listened to what they were talking about.  That night they took rest and invited the stranger in.  They prepared a meal and the strange said grace.  As soon as he did the men realised who they had been talking and walking with, it was Jesus.

They were so excited and happy, but then Jesus disappeared.  However, they ran out and shouted to everyone to share the GOOD NEWS.