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Worship Day 2017

What a day full of praise we had!  The children at school took part in a day full of worship activities around the Lord's Prayer. There were children baking cheesy scones, making earth pom poms, creating a candle collage, acting out the Lord's prayer and praising Jesus through song with a live band.

With Mrs Humphriss and Mrs Hyett and the children told the Lord's prayer through a Godly play task.

With Mr Tranmer and Mrs Crumpton the children made pom poms to look like the world.  We identified that the world is fragile and difficult to make, just like the pom poms and we need to take care of it.  We also wrote prayers for people around the world.

Mrs Waller and Mrs Meredith led the children in the making of cheesy scones shaped like 'The people of God'.  This is a reminder of the story of the people of God spending 40 years in the wilderness, and how God fed them each day with fresh 'Manna' from heaven.

Mr McDonagh and Mrs Adams led their group in writing prayers and thinking about Jesus as the light of the world.

A highlight of the day was a visit from the worship band from Trinity Church in Cheltenham.  They can with guitars, keyboards and singers.  The band taught the children 2 new worship songs;I reach up high and Bigger than big.  The children and the band blew the roof off with their voices and worship to Jesus.

Thank you to Mrs Humphriss for organising a spiritual day and everyone involved in the day.