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Class 2


Welcome to Class 2  

Welcome to class 2:  our lovely spacious classroom looks out onto the school field and is home to our year 1 and year 2 children.  Your class teachers are Mrs Steele and Mrs Marks and we have support from our fantastic teaching assistant Mrs Crumpton.  We have lots of areas for you to continue your learning such as construction, role play, reading corner, small world play and writing area.

Summer Term 2021

All Things Wild

The children's first mission was to identify the topic for this half term from the clues hidden around the playground.  Each set of clues led them closer to the topic area. They were great at observing and discussing the evidence and identified many elements of our topic - All Things Wild.  This topic has a Geography focus.  The children will we exploring Eckington and comparing it with Kenya. 

Clay animals

We have been busy making Kenyan animals in the style of Niki de Saint Phalle.  The children did fantastic job! Their attention to detail was great.  At times it was tricky moulding the clay into the shape they wanted but they all persevered.  The finished designs look great - bright and colourful just like Niki.   


The children are really enjoying their weekly yoga sessions by a qualified instructor.  The children feel very calm and relaxed at the end of the session.  Great for their mental health and well being.     

Vision and Value Day

The children explored our school vision.  We had some great discussions about its meaning and we did some water based activities.  They created water colour water paintings and then added salt which formed crystals.  These made the paintings look very effective and realistic.  We created a water purifier and the children were amazed when they saw the clear water filter through.

All the children took part in creating a whole class piece of art work around one of our school values - friendship.  They were very pleased with their final canvas painting.  

NSPCC Number Day

The children had lots of fun completing a range of number based activities.

Buddy’s number challenge – they used all their Maths skills to solve the number problems and then used the clues to find pieces to make the jigsaw.  Who was the first to find Buddy hiding in our school grounds?

Triangle number challenge – They were set the challenge - How many triangles can you join whilst ensuring that the total of the 3 corners still totals the target number?

Who wants to be a millionaire?  quiz - The children worked as a team  and  used many number skills to answer the questions.  They loved the competition between the teams!

Autumn Term 2020

What will we build?

We will start the term with a 2 week topic focused on settling the children back into school, mental health and well-being. This will enable the children to explore emotions, build relationships and settle into class 2.

The children enjoyed creating their own scarf dances. They all showed  brilliant teamwork and had lots of fun! 

In Science we have been learning about habitats.  We explored the school grounds to see how many micro-habitats we could find and which mini-beasts were residing in them!

Forest School 


We are very excited about our topic for this term, ‘Lost and Found’.  In this topic we will be exploring the colder places of our planet and identifying these on world maps, as well as learning about the brave explorers who have visited the Polar Regions.  We will also be learning about the amazing animals that live there and how they are suited to live in these different habitats.