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Home Learning

Summer 2 Home Learning

White Rose Maths. Each week there will be a sequence of lessons for your child to complete. Each lesson has a video of a teacher explaining the methods and tasks for that lesson. Go to the 'video links' link for the videos for each day. Watch these before completing the worksheet. You will then need to print out the lesson worksheet for each day and go through the answers with your child once they have completed the task. You may need to sit with your child during the lesson to guide them.

Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers

During these unprecedented times, we are aware that children will need to continue their learning from home. With this in mind, we have prepared a range of resources to support your child/children at home. We recognise that this unique situation presents many challenges but would welcome all the support you can provide during the period of closure. In addition, immediate feedback will assist the children in tackling their lack of understanding or any errors that they may make.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to formally mark and feedback on such large quantities of work when we return. To support with this, we would welcome feedback as appropriate. To access support with learning, when completing planned activities, you should email the Class Teacher (email provided below). As you can appreciate, this will work efficiently if support is requested when it is necessary. We will aim to respond as we become aware of emails promptly during the hours (9am-4pm term time only). Resources and links will be continually updated to ensure you have access to the best possible resources to support learning at home.

Staff email for support: stranmer@eckingtonfirst.worcs.sch.uk (Mon-Fri) 

See below for further information.

When searching for appropriate activities for your children search for specific national year group objectives e.g. Year 4 round any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1,000

Links to support your child in their learning:

https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/ (please ignore parent letter in the year group download)

Twinkl- Setting this up is really easy to do – go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. This website has a wide range of resources. It is best to use the search bar to find appropriate activities.


https://student.mathletics.com/primary#/launch for access to mathletics

We would encourage you all to follow the advice given during this period of uncertainty and look forward to welcoming you back to school in the future.


Thank you for all your continued hard work and support with learning at home! Please continue to do the best you can in these difficult circumstances. We appreciate all the challenges you face at home and don't expect you to recreate school. If you would like to, send in photos in of different activities you are completing and we will create a slide show on our Class Page! Mr McDonagh and Mrs Bishop (17/4/20)

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4! We are located in the centre of the school and also have the oldest children in school our year 5 children. As well as the year 5 children we also have half of the year 4 children with the other half being in Class 3. Within the room there is a whole range of resources for the children to access to support them in their learning whether that be: Maths, English, Reading or Topic.

Our oldest children are responsible for many different roles in school. These include: house captain, prefect, sports leaders and many other areas of leadership to ensure that the school runs smoothly on a daily basis.

Please check back regularly to see updates about the exciting things we have been learning.

Mr Aaron McDonagh 

Spring Term 2019-2020

Rock and Roll!


 In school, we are having a big drive to improve the children's knowledge and understanding of STEM. STEM means science, technology, engineering and maths! We enjoyed two action packed days completing four activities that focused on each of the strands. We also spent time reviewing our learning by writing a STEM day newspaper report. It is vital that the children in Class 4 develop investigative minds, develop searching questions and seek ways to solve problems.

Rocks and Soils...

Have you ever wondered what is under your feet??? We began our science learning this half term comparing and group rocks based on their different properties. We were amazed to discover that rocks are everywhere, some even makes it into our toothpaste! We then made predictions about different rocks using our new learning.

Cave Paintings- Inspired by the Lascaux Caves

 They must have really been talented artists in the Stone Age! We loved learning about the Lascaux Caves in Southern France as part of our Super Start! We then had a go ourselves in the caves (under our desk)! We found that it is definitely not as easy as it looks. Just imagine, those fascinating paintings would have been completed with just the light of a burning fire approximately 22,000 years ago...

Have you ever wondered what happened before records began? This topic will take the children on a journey from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age and to the Iron Age! Check back regularly to find out all about our learning...

Autumn Term 2019-2020

Mysterious Maya

Sound in Science

 Our learning in science is all about sound! We are enjoying get =ting to grips with lots of new vocabulary and thinking carefully about how sound is created. It was fascinating to learn that sound travels in waves and that different mediums (liquid, solid and gas) can affect how it travels. Look at some of our creation stations below. We found lots of ways to produce lots of noise!

Richard Mazzola Style Artwork

The focus of our artwork has been Richard Mazzola. We have explored his style- looking at similarities and differences across his pieces. His traditional works using blocks of colour as well as one of his paintings 'Green Eyes' caught our eye! We recreated them using pastels and the children produced some stunning works of art in his style.

Maya City- The capital Tikal!

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring Maya cities and considering the similarities to our own cities. Using recyclable materials, we set about creating our own cities that will be added to as children complete one of their homework challenges and bring them into school!

150th Anniversary!

Banksy Style Artwork

As part of our exploration of what has changed from 150 years ago, we explored the artwork of Banksy. We completed a reading comprehension learning about his passion and aims for his art as well as producing our own version using stencil templates similar to him. We also learnt that it is against the law!

On Friday 20th September we will be celebrating our 150th Anniversary. In our topic work we will be exploring the schools history and identify changes over time! We have had a great start creating a scaled model looking at how the school has been extending since its opening.