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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4.  I'm Miss Kavanagh and the teacher of Class 4.  We also have Miss Finnegan as a teaching assistant and Mr Mcdonagh covering PPA time.  We have moved into the old Class 3 this year.  We are in the oldest part of the school, with a fantastic new, lime green reading pod at the back of the room.  Through the reading pod and out of the old school front door, we have access to a secluded outside space for quiet learning opportunities.  Watch the video below to see what the classroom looks like.

Autumn Term 2020-2021

Cooking up a storm!

Class 4 have been learning about the digestive system and what happens when we eat.  Ask your children about the different processes that take place between eating food and the waste expelling the body!

Today, Wednesday 25th November, the children have gone through the stages of digestion with a banana sandwich.  Take a look at the photos and video below!

We are really excited about our topic, 'Turbulent Tewkesbury'.  This topic is all about a local historical event, within a greater historical national civil war.  The War of the Roses took place during the 15th Century.  This time in English history was complex and centred around the control of the throne of England being argued about between the house of York and the house of Lancaster. 

The battle of Tewkesbury was one of the most decisive battles of the War of the Roses and one of the houses were victorious...

Which one? 

We will find out and explore the events that took place during our topic time in class.

Week 1: Kintsugi.  A Japanese art form of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold.  Built on the idea that embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.  We have been creating our own coil pots, breaking them then repairing them in this style to show us that even something broken can be repaired and made better.  In the same way that Covid has ‘broken’ or changed the way we live, however, we can repair society and the world and make it even stronger and more beautiful.

Week 3: The children in Class 4 have created some beautiful pieces of art linked to our book, Here we are by Oliver Jeffers.  The children have been exploring and writing descriptive phrases linked to art of the landscapes around the world.  The children will be writing about their own artwork during this week.

Week 2: To start our topic on Turbulent Tewkesbury we examined artist’s paintings of what they thought the battle of Tewkesbury was like.  We also talked about evidence from written texts and evidence found in archeological digs.  

The children took all of these ideas and created their own ‘artist’ impression of scenes from the battle.  These have created the start of our topic display in class.  This was also a fantastic assessment opportunity for me to see how the children draw the human form as we move onto some technical drawings of the human body in different poses, use of perspective and proportion.