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Open the Book 2017 - 2018

Every other week members of our local church lead our collective worship called 'Open the Book'.  A team of volunteers dress up and act out Bible stories for the children. The church help us learn new worship songs and teach us actions. Afterwards the children write their own personal reflection about the story/ message they have heard.

Joseph the dreamer, part 2...

Joseph the dreamer...

A Sad Day... The open the book team performed from the bible showing us what happened when Adam and Eve entered the garden God had created.  They told us how they disobeyed God and what happened.  Ask the children what happened to Adam and Eve.

A Special Promise...We learnt today about how God wasn't happy and decided to make a new start with the help of Noah and his family.  We were reminded that sometimes we make mistakes, but with help from Goad we can all make a new start.