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Wellbeing Week 2019


Wellbeing Week - Healthy inside and out.

This week the children, staff and parents have been taking part in our first wellbeing week.  Each day has had a different theme and looked at different aspects of keeping healthy inside and out.  The children have loved taking part in a range of different activities and learning in a different way.  There have been some fantastic, thought provoking discussions, questions and answers, team work and building up of ourselves and our friends.  Thank you to all who have helped in the delivery of this successful week.

Forest School.  All children have experienced life in the woods this week.  Children have linked outdoor learning to their class topics, as well as toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

Mindfulness Day.  The children in all classes took part in some calm, quiet yoga and mindfulness drawing.  We talked about what it means to be mindful.  The children in Class 2 led their parents in a yoga session.

Sports Tournaments.  All classes took part in sports competition.  These include balance bike races and bench ball games.

Anti-Bullying Day.  The children discussed in their classes about how to be a good friend and what bullying is.  The children all created posters, which they shared with parent visitors.

E-Safety Day.  All children listened to an assembly led by the E-Safety Council.  They were taught how to stay safe online.  Each class went back to learn further and take part in more activities about E-Safety.

Healthy Eating Day.  Each class took part in sharing their thoughts on what foods are healthy and what foods are 'sometimes' foods.  The children also made healthy snacks.