Class 1

Welcome to Class 1: our bright, spacious classroom that looks out onto the school field and our forest school, and home this year to our Nursery and Reception class.  Your teachers are Mrs Steele and Mrs Bishop and we have support from our wonderful teaching assistants Miss Heath and Mrs Hyett.  The classroom has lots of different areas of learning to explore.

Our School

The children have had a fantastic first few days in school! 

We started our learning topic with a 'super start' and went on a tour of the school. The children have enjoyed making new friends, exploring the classroom areas and meeting 'Luca' our listening teddy.  

The children have enjoyed learning about harvest. They all performed a class poem at the harvest festival in church and loved creating their harvest themed paintings. The children also donated food items to the food bank and all shared prayers to thank God for what we have in our lives.
Past and Present
The children went back in time to learn about what our school was like in the past. They all thoroughly enjoyed looking at old photographs of the school and noticed that lots of the photographs were in black and white and had no colour! The children made lots of comparisons from what our school was like in the past to what our school is like today in the present.

Magic Maths 

The children have been exploring lots of fun maths challenges! 

Enterprise Week
The children learnt about money this week. They have been naming and sorting coins, having a go at coin rubbings and enjoying our role play shop. The children all came up with a class name for our company - Class One Creative Kids. They’ve been busy designing and creating their self-portrait canvas artwork which they sold at our ‘Enterprise Fair’.


The children enjoyed learning about journeys and different types of transport. 

Under the Sea 

Class one thoroughly enjoyed delving into the depths of the ocean at the Birmingham National Sea Life Centre. The children started off their trip with lots of singing and playing ‘Ispy’ on the bus. They were mesmerised by the city sights as we drove through Birmingham especially the tall buildings and the giant, yellow crane! The children learnt lots of interesting facts about the amazing creatures that live under the sea whilst on the trip. They learnt that an octopus can camouflage itself by changing colour or shape to keep safe from predators. The children had the opportunity to stroke a real starfish and meet the giant sting rays, turtle and sharks.

Chinese New Year 

Space Explorers 

Class one have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our space topic. The children have learnt that there are eight planets in our Solar System and they orbit (travel around) the Sun. We have explored learning about our planet Earth and why it’s so special and how we can take care of it. They found out that planet Earth is the third planet from the sun. The children have made their own stars, been on space missions in the role play and even made their own rockets!


Sporting Champions 

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