E-Safety Council

Our E-Safety council led whole school worship today as part of Safer Internet Day.  The group talked about how children and parents can stay safe online.  The children read a story about sharing personal information online and what to do if you are asked to send some.  Each class then went away to discuss the themes that came out of their worship and take part in E-Safety activities.

Children from each year group in the school meet regularly  to discuss how we can all stay safe when using technology at school and in the home.  We take E-safety very seriously at Eckington First School, so talk about the topic to help all to understand and be aware.

Each class takes part in regular class based learning sessions from the 'ThinkUknow' website.  We also have termly worship time to reflect on E-Safety topics.  The school takes part in the annual National E-Safety day through an assembly and further class based activities during the week.

Every child and adult in school has also agreed to and signed the county acceptable use policy. 

Children in KS1 have adopted this poem: 

Before you

Click, click, click,

You need to

Think, think, think


As part of our continuing drive to develop and improve our E-Safety for our children, we use 'Hector the Dolphin'.  The children will find him floating in the top corner of the desktop.  If the children see something they feel uncomfortable with on screen, all they have to do is click on Hector and he will block the screen and tell the child to get an adult.

The children in our E-Safety council feel this is an excellent step to help ensure we all stay safe on line.

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