Welcome to Class 3

Welcome to Class 3: we are located in our bright, spacious classroom near the front entrance of the school, and this is the home of our year 3 class. 

Mrs Dodd is the teacher of Class 3. 

Mrs Crumpton and Mrs Baily also help us with our learning.  Our room is well equipped with everything we need including a super interactive board and computers.


Crime and Punishment

Our topic for the summer term is a chronological study on the theme of 'crime and punishment'.  We will be learning about how this changed from the time of the Romans to the present day.  Our super start involved an intruder in the classroom ... this led us to learn about the work of forensic artists and we sketched the culprit!   We are looking forward to our practical design and technology project where we will be using our woodworking skills to create a punishment tool. 

We have a mini adventure week planned, opportunities for Forest School activities and we look forward to learning to play the ukulele (with our specialist teacher).  Our exciting cricket coaching has also started, so this is definitely a fun packed term!

Secrets of the Sphinx

This term we are thinking about the ancient Egyptians and their amazing advanced society.  Our Super Start 'WOW' afternoon at the beginning of our topic really helped us to walk like the Egyptians!  We created a large scale Sarcophagus for our display, Egyptian neck collars and wrote our names in hieroglyphs. We will also be having an Egyptian themed workshop later on in the term, which will further immerse us into Egyptian life. 

Turbulent Tewkesbury

Our topic this half term is Turbulent Tewkesbury which is all about the Battle of Tewkesbury and the amazing local history we have on our doorstep!  Did you know the battle has close links with the Wars of the Roses?  We will also use this topic as a vehicle to develop our geography skills (in particular field work skills when we visit the town centre).  We are looking forward to immersing ourselves in our learning and our Super Start this term was a visitor from the Battlefield Society who shared lots of interesting information with us.


In science we are learning about healthy eating and about our skeletons.  We have discovered that our skeleton protects our organs and gives our body support and helps it to move.  We are trying very hard to learn the scientific names for our bones and our friend 'Bony' is helping us with this!

We visited Tewkesbury High Street and the Abbey to develop our geography field work skills.  We conducted a traffic survey, drew sketch maps and looked at land use in the town.  We even explored the exhibition about how the town might be improved, which was really interesting.

We will be looking at our data in school and drawing some conclusions about this.